2023 Legislative Session Summary 

The 2023 “long” legislative session came to a close on Sunday, June 25, after 159 days of advocacy, public hearings, and floor sessions. The OACES & AOC legislative affairs team secured meaningful policy solutions on pressing issues and protected counties from proposals that would have had a negative impact on county functions and services. 

AOC staff built on and expanded relationships with key legislators, teed up conversations and opportunities for the 2024 Legislative Session, and took advantage of opportunities to highlight the importance of the county road system, critical county emergency response, and the role counties play as a direct service provider for many programs that support Oregonians.

A total of nine impactful transportation bills were passed in 2023, including:

  • (+) HB 2101 Codifying the Surface Transportation Block Grant Fund Exchange Program
  • (neutral) HB 2095 City Photo Radar Authority 
  • (neutral) HB 2099 Transportation Omnibus 
  • (neutral) HB 2793 Jurisdictional Transfer Advisory Committee 
  • (neutral) HB 3187 Water Right Examiners Licensing Requirements 
  • (neutral) HB 3188 Marion County Speed Delegation Authority 
  • (neutral) HB 3406 Transportation Omnibus 
  • (neutral) HB 5005 Interstate 5 Bridge Funding 
  • (neutral) HB 5030 Lottery Bond Authorization, Local Project Funding 

Nine other impactful bills AOC monitored or engaged with ultimately did not pass:

You can read more on the 2023 end-of-session highlights, including the full OACES legislative summary produced by the AOC County Road Program.

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