The 2024 legislative “short” session has been heralded as one of the most productive and least contentious in recent memory. Legislative leadership from both parties communicated a desire to focus the 35-day meeting of the legislative assembly on accomplishing shared priorities around housing production and mitigating the drug crisis.

Among the 115 bills passed this session were a major housing policy package, County Right-of-Way permit fee authority, recreational immunity protections, duty to defend damage claims, and general fund allocations to address the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) operations and maintenance deficit – a total of $49.5 million, including $19 million for snow plowing and striping and $20 million for right-of-way cleanup and graffiti removal. The Joint Committee on Transportation focused  on ODOT’s deficit, 2025 revenue, local tolling, and the Highway Cost Allocation Study. 

AOC staff built on and expanded relationships with key legislators, teed up conversations and opportunities for the 2025 Legislative Session, and took advantage of opportunities to highlight the importance of the county road system, critical county emergency response, and the role counties play as a direct service provider for many programs that support Oregonians.

A total of two priority bills were passed in 2024:

  • (+) Senate Bill 1566 County Right-of-Way Permit Fee Authority 
  • (+) Senate Bill 1537 Emergency Housing Stabilization and Production Package 

Five other priority bills AOC monitored or engaged with ultimately passed:

  • (-) Senate Bill 1575 Banning Public Contract Provisions Requiring Design Professionals to Defend Against Damage Claims 
  • (+) Senate Bill 1576 Omnibus Civil Law Bill Including Recreational Immunity Protections 
  • (neutral) House Bill 4006 Requires Surety Bonds / Retainage – 
  • (neutral) House Bill 4103 Electric Bicycle Definitions – 
  • (neutral) House Bill 4109 Transportation Omnibus / Photo Radar – 

One other priority bills AOC monitored or engaged with ultimately did not pass:

  • (+) Senate Bill 1511 Neighborhood Protection Grant Program and Wildfire Prevention 

You can read the full legislative summary here