OACES is a professional membership organization for Oregon’s County Engineers, Public Works Directors, Road Masters, Surveyors, and other engineering and surveying industry members.

The Mission of OACES is:

To provide a platform for collaboration, innovation, advocacy, and education for Road Officials, Engineers, and Surveyors for all Oregon Counties.

The Purpose of OACES is:

  • To promote public works activities, including the construction and maintenance of roads and appurtenances to recognized engineering standards in the counties.
  • To promote the professional application of land surveying.
  • To promote the ethical practices of these professions.
  • By the exchange of ideas, give all counties in Oregon the advantages of these professions in all phases of county services.

OACES Board of Directors

OACES Bylaws Updated October 2020

Tom Fellows, Umatilla

Scott Young, Washington

Mikel Diwan, Hood River

Board Member:
Ray Griffin, Clackamas

Board Member:
Michael Russell, Columbia

Board Member:
Commissioner Don Russell, Morrow

Immediate Past President:
Bradley Cross, Wasco/Hood River


Brian Worley
Brian WorleyCounty Road Program, Director
Office: 855-843-5176 x701
Jordan Cole
Jordan ColeTransportation Policy Analyst
Office: 855-843-5176 x702
Joann Hendrix
Joann HendrixSenior Management Assistant
Office: 503-400-3233
Casper Lehner
Casper LehnerIRIS Manager
Office: 855-843-5176 x700
Jan Schindel
Jan Schindel Administrative Assistant
Office: 855-843-5176 x707