All OACES meetings start at 9:30 unless otherwise noted.

In addition to our Meeting Schedule, there are many upcoming training events and conferences throughout the year.
Counties are encouraged to apply or nominate fellow OACES members for our Education & Leadership Scholarship Program.
OACES attendance at these events is a great way for individual professional development but also benefits your county and the OACES organization.
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The Spring OACES Conference will be held on March 16 through 18, 2022. This conference is scheduled for Sunriver Oregon.  Agendas and materials for the conference will be posted on the meetings page.  Registration links and cost will appear here and via email to past participants soon.

If you have any questions, please contact Greg Lang, County Road Program via email or telephone at 503-701-5004.

2022 Meetings

January 27Virtual meeting.
Call in and video instructions are on the agenda
Board Meeting
Regular Meeting Agenda
Board Meeting Video Link
Joint/Road Officials Video Link
Surveyor Meeting Video Link
February 24Virtual meeting.
Call in and video instructions are on the agenda.
March 16 - 18OACES Spring Conference - Sunriver
April 12Eastern Oregon Road Officials Meeting - John Day
April 24 - 27NACE Annual Conference - Buffalo, New York
May 26Virtual meeting.
Call in and video instructions are on the agenda.
June 23Virtual meeting.
Call in and video instructions are on the agenda.
September 22Virtual meeting.
Call in and video instructions are on the agenda.
October 17 - 18OACES Fall Conference - Hood River
November 15 - 17AOC Annual Conference - Eugene
December 8Virtual meeting.
Call in and video instructions are on the agenda.

Archived Meeting Information

June 24Remote Meeting
Call In and Video Instructions are on the agenda
Board Meeting

Regular Meeting Agenda
Board Meeting
OACES Meeting
Joint & Road Officials Zoom Link:

Surveyor Meeting Zoom Link:
September 23Remote-Virtual
Meeting. Video and audio links
on Agenda and
in Materials/Notes
Board Meeting Agenda
Meeting Agenda
Board Meeting
OACES Meeting
Joint and Road Official Meeting Link
Meeting ID:
833 0242 1710
Surveyor Meeting Link
Meeting ID:
826 9645 2372
October 18 - 19
OACES Fall Conference
OACES Fall Conference - Virtual Conference:
Video links will be sent and posted here
Conference Agenda
Business Meeting Packet and Agenda
Board Meeting
Business Meeting
Business Meeting Link:
Meeting ID:
843 2322 3199
Passcode: 641343

Joint/Road Officials Meeting Link:
Meeting ID:
817 1097 8402
Passcode: 699873

Surveyors Meeting Link:
Meeting ID:
878 8547 0385
Passcode: 638601
November 17AOC Fall Conference - EugeneNo OACES Meeting Held
December 9Remote-Virtual
Meeting. Video and audio links
on agenda and
in materials/notes
May 27Remote Meeting
Call In and Video Instructions on
Agenda and Materials/Notes
AgendaBoard Meeting
OACES Meeting
Joint/Road Officials Meeting Link:
Surveyor's Meeting Link:
April 29Remote MeetingOACES Meeting
April 19- 22
NACE 2021
Virtual Conference
April 7OACES Board Meeting and Virtual RetreatBoard MeetingMeeting Link: Zoom
March 25Remote Meeting
Call In and Video Instructions will be sent
Meeting CancelledNo Regular OACES Meeting in March
March 16Board Meeting and Virtual RetreatAgenda and Links
March Eastern Oregon Road OfficialsMeeting PostponedNo Eastern Oregon Road Officials Meeting in March
February 25Remote Meeting
Call In and Video Instructions will be sent

ODOT Presentation on Conference Page
OACES MeetingMeeting Links:

Joint/Road Officials -


February 16Board Meeting and Virtual RetreatAgendaMeeting Postponed
January 28Remote Meeting
Video Links on Agenda

Board Meeting
Regular Meeting / Road Officials
Board Meeting
Meeting Links
Board Meeting:
Joint/Road Officials

OACES Conferences

Past Conference Presentations

Presentation TitleAuthorConferenceRoad Officials / SurveyorsDownload
Oregon Wildfire Recovery &
Cleanup Response
McGregor “Mac” Lynde
Oregon Department of Transportation
2021 FallRoad OfficialsPDF
Emergency Management Best Practices & Lessons Learned: Wildfires, Ice Storms & FloodingBrian Nicholas, PE
Public Works Director
Emergency Management Director
Marion County
2021 FallRoad OfficialsPDF
Legislative Process OverviewMallorie Roberts, AOC Legislative Affairs Manager, Transportation & Community Development2021 FallSurveyorsPDF
Oregon Bureau of Labor & Industries
Planned Public Improvement Summary &
Analysis Forms
Susan Wooley
Bureau of
Labor and Industries (BOLI)
PWR Technical Assistance
2021 FallRoad OfficialsPDF
Oregon State Board of Examiners for Engineering & Land Surveying
Agency Overview & Project Updates
Jenn Gilbert, Deputy Board Administrator
Eric Engelson, Communications Coordinator
2021 FallSurveyorsPDF
Washington County
Rural Intelligent
Systems (ITS)
Stacy Shetler, P.E. & John Fasana, P.E.2021 FallRoad OfficialsPDF
Rural Roundabouts in Deschutes CountyChris Doty, PE/PTOE, Director
Cody Smith, PE, County Engineer
2021 FallRoad OfficialsPDF
ODOT Public and Active TransportationKaryn Criswell Division Administrator,
ODOT Public Transportation Division
Susan PeithmanODOT Strategic Investments Manager
ODOT Public Transportation Division
2021 FallRoad OfficialsPDF
Commerce and Compliance Division
(Formerly the Motor Carrier Transportation Division)
Amy Ramsdell – Division Administrator
Audrey Lawson – Motor Carrier Services Manager
OACES Meeting
April 29, 2021
Road OfficialsPDF
Load Rating of Bridges in OregonJoel Boothe, P.E. – ODOT Bridge Operations Manager
Jon Rooper, P.E. – ODOT Senior Load Rating Engineer
OACES Meeting
February 25, 2021
Road Officials/SurveyorsPDF
State Plane Coordinate System of 2022 - Update for Oregon
Michael Dennis, NOAA National Geodetic Survey
2020 FallSurveyorsPPTX
Columbia County Public Works Weigh Master ProgramTristian Wood, Assistant Public Works Director, Columbia County2020 FallRoad OfficialsPPTX
Law Enforcement & Public Works CooperationWashington County Public Works2020 FallRoad OfficialsPPTX
Traffic Safety Law Enforcement -Collaboration for a Safer CountyJoe Marek - Clackamas County2020 FallRoad OfficialsPPTX
Jumping Into The Drivers Seat -- Jay GubrudJay Gubrud2020 Fall Road Officials / SurveyorsPPT
Carbon Reduction in Oregon''s Statewide Transportation StrategyAmenda Piets, ODOT and Daniel Porter, ODOT2019 AOC Annual ConferenceRoad OfficialsPDF
Speed Zone Law Changes Traffic Safety UpdatesJoe Marek, Traffic Safety Program Manager, Clackamas County2019 AOC Annual ConferenceRoad OfficialsPDF
Adapting Transportation to Extreme Weather and Climate ChangeGeoff Crook, Oregon Department of Transportation2019 AOC Annual ConferenceRoad OfficialsPDF
IRIS Casper Lehner, CRP2019 FallRoad OfficialsPPTX
GIS DiscussionJocelyn Blake2019 FallRoad OfficialsPPTX
Road Officials Presentation to County CollegeChris Doty2019 FallAllPPTX
OACES BudgetMike Bezner, Secretary-Treasurer2019 FallAllPPTX
Accelerated Bridge Construction and Deck ReplacementCory Claussen, TrueNorth Steel2019 FallRoad OfficialsPPTX
Bridge EngineeringBranton Sorbel, P.E. DCI Engineers2019 FallRoad OfficialsPPTX
Department of State Lands: Waterways, Removal Fill and PermittingBethany Harrington, DSL2019 FallRoad OfficialsPPTX
Understanding Traffic Safety Data and the All Roads Transportation Safety ProgramChristina McDaniel-Wilson, P.E. ODOT2019 FallRoad OfficialsPDF
County Surveyors County College PresentationJohn Waffenschmidt & Bradley Cross2019 FallSurveyorsPPTX
Tools for Dispute ResolutionGary Winterstein, Community Solutions of Central Oregon2019 FallAllPPTX
County Road Manual UpdateJocelyn Blake, CRP2019 SpringAllPPTX
Programs and Partnerships with U.S. Forest Service / FLAP UpdatesAaron Eklund, USFS
Brian Worley, CRP
2019 SpringRoad OfficialsPPTX
Framework for Bikeway Designation on Rural RoadsRebecca Gleason & Taylor Lonsdale, Western Transportation Institute, MSU2019 SpringRoad OfficialsPPTX
Obtaining Water Use Information for CitizensGerry Clark, Water Resources2019 SpringSurveyorsPPTX
Traffic Safety: Speed SettingMichael Kimlinger ODOT
Kevin Haas, ODOT
2019 SpringRoad OfficialsPPTX
Early GLO SurveyorsJerry Olson, PLS, PE2019 SpringSurveyorsPPTX
Construction, Industrial and Municipal Stormwater PermittingMark Riedel-Bash, DEQ2019 SpringRoad officialsPDF
Affidavit of Correction Court CaseBradley Cross, PLS Hood River & Wasco County2019 SpringSurveyorsPDF
Pavement Preservation: Chip Seal Best PracticesTom Shamberger, Albina Asphalt2019 SpringRoad OfficialsPPTX
Pavement Preservation: Slurry SealJohn Lampley, Intermountain2019 SpringRoad OfficialsPPTX
Pavement Preservation: ThinlaysJohn Hickey, Asphalt Pavement Association of Oregon2019 SpringRoad OfficialsPPTX
The Nooksack Case - a Look Inside Riparian Boundary Litigation.Brian Portwood & Dave Taylor BPA/DOE2019 SpringSurveyorsPPTX
Seismic Bridge & Resiliency AssessmentAllison Pyrch, Salus Resilience2019 SpringRoad OfficialsPDF
Lifeline Seismic Bridge Priority Detour RecommendationsMike Bezner, Clackamas County Asst. Public Works Director2019 SpringRoad OfficialsPDF
ODOT Local Bridge / Emergency Route & Detour PlanningAlbert Nako, ODOT2019 SpringRoad OfficialsPDF
NACE / Federal Policy UpdatesKevan Stone, NACE Executive Director2019 SpringRoad OfficialsPDF
Unexpected Uses of LiDarRhonda Dodge, ODOT
Chris Glantz, ODOT
2019 SpringRoad OfficialsPPTX
Welcome to the GorgeRebekah Rafferty, Columbia Gorge Discovery Center2019 SpringAllPDF
AOC-CRP UpdatesBrian Worley, CRP Manager2018 FallRoad OfficialsPPTX
Road Dedications in OregonMike Berry, Deschutes County Surveyor2018 FallAllPDF
OACES Skills Demo UpdateGreg Lang, IT Trainer / Communications Specialist, CRP2018 FallRoad OfficialsPPTX
County Road Manual UpdateJocelyn Blake, CRP Policy Analyst2018 FallRoad OfficialsPDF
Landslide MonitoringJoe Jensen, Deputy Tillamook County Surveyor2018 FallSurveyorsPDF
Infrastructure Condition Reporting for Oregon CountiesBrian Worley, CRP Manager2018 FallRoad OfficialsPPTX
Least-Cost Contracting and Prevailing WageSusan Wooley, BOLI2018 FallRoad OfficialsPPTX
BLM - The Cove PalisadesBLM2018 FallSurveyorsPPTX
ADA - Counties Responsibilities and LiabilitiesLisa Strader, ODOT2018 FallRoad OfficialsPPTX
Public Records Law
Overview & Update
Rob Bovett
AOC Legal Council
2018 SpringAllPDF
OT Geospatial
Service Center
Jack Walker
2018 SpringSurveyorsPPTX
GIS Analysis in
Support of
Community Wellness
Jack Walker
2018 SpringSurveyorsPPTX
NSPS National
Geomatics Student
Jack Walker
2018 SpringSurveyorsPDF
ATV Access on
Highways and Local
Ian Caldwell
Oregon Parks
and Recreation
2018 SpringRoad OfficialsPPTX
Emergency Relief
Nathaniel Price
2018 SpringRoad OfficialsPPTX
GPS on BenchmarksRandy Oberg
2018 SpringSurveyorsPPTX
Realities of
David Pope
GPS Insight
2018 SpringRoad OfficialsPPTX
Innovations in
Fleet Management
David Pope
GPS Insight
2018 SpringRoad OfficialsPPTX
Cap and Invest:
Lesley Jantarasami
Oregon Dept.
of Energy
2018 SpringRoad OfficialsPPTX
A Dependent Resurvey in Wheeler CountyJason Hatfield
Wheeler County
2018 SpringSurveyorsPPTX
Opening Address and Welcome.
Transportation Package Review
Tammy Baney, Deschutes County
Chair OTC
2018 SpringAllPPTX
Federal Lands Access Program (FLAP)Matthew Fletcher, Western Federal Lands2017 FallRoad OfficialsPPTX
ODOT UpdatesMac Lynde, ODOT2017 FallRoad OfficialsPDF
ODOT Local Seismic PlanningBruce Johnson, ODOT2017 FallRoad OfficialsPPTX
Deed Research Direct/Indirect IndexVance Swenson, Clatsop County2017 FallSurveyorsPDF
History, Current Trends of Reflective Signs and Pavement MarkingsMike Davis, 3M Transportation Safety2017 FallRoad OfficialsPPTX
Connected & Autonomous VehiclesAndrew Dick, ODOT2017 FallRoad OfficialsPPTX
Bridges_ABrian Keierleber, Buchanan County, Iowa2017 FallRoad OfficialsPPTX
Bridges_BBrian Keierleber, Buchanan County, Iowa2017 FallRoad OfficialsPPTX
Bridges_CBrian Keierleber, Buchanan County, Iowa2017 FallRoad OfficialsPPTX
Right-of-Way LegalizationsMike Berry, Deschutes County2017 FallRoad Officials/SurveyorsPPTX
NACE UpdateBrian Keierleber, NACE President2017 FallRoad Officials/SurveyorsPPTX
Building ResiliencyJeri Oswalt, Clackamas County2017 SpringRoad Officials/SurveyorsPPTX
ADA - County Responsibilities and LiabilitiesLisa Strader, ODOT2017 SpringRoad OfficialsPPTX
BLM Case Study2017 SpringSurveyorsPPTX
BPA Cadastral RecordsKelly Miller, BPA2017 SpringSurveyorsPPTX
Navigability Status of a Portion of the Rogue River Brian Portwood, PLS2017 SpringSurveyorsPPTX
Winter Roads Part IJay Wells, WashDOT2017 SpringRoad OfficialsPPT
Winter Roads Part IIJay Wells, WashDOT2017 SpringRoad OfficialsPPTX
Ice and Snow EquipmentJay Wells, WashDOT2017 SpringRoad OfficialsPPTX
Josephine County Seismic Vulnerability StudyAllison Pyrch, Hart Crowser
Mikal Mitchell, HDR
2017 SpringRoad OfficialsPPTX
Federal Land Access ProgramGeorge Fekaris, WFL2017 SpringRoad OfficialsPPTX
Contracting LawBill Nessly, ODOJ2017 SpringRoad OfficialsPPTX
Road Record IndexingStephan Haddock2017 SpringSurveyorsPDF
Best Practices for Working with UtilitiesWendy Veliz, PGE2017 SpringRoad OfficialsPDF
The Laws of Road DedicationMike Berry2017 SpringSurveyorsPDF
Discretionary ImmunityKirk Mylander, CIS2017 SpringRoad OfficialsPPTX
Shimanek Bridge Dr Bank Repair & Stabilization ProjectChuck Knoll2016 FallRoad OfficialsPPTX
ODOT UpdatesMac Lynde2016 FallRoad OfficialsPPTX
BOLI Rules and RegulationsSusan Wooley2016 FallRoad OfficialsPPT
Quartzville Project (FLAP)Daineal Malone2016 FallRoad OfficialsPPTX
Full Depth ReclamationKrey Younger2016 FallRoad OfficialsPPTX
Full Depth Reclamation (video clip)Krey Younger,2016 FallRoad OfficialsMov.
Bridge Assessment SoftwareGreg Clemmons,2016 FallRoad OfficialsPPTX
Oregon Federal Land Access ProgramGeorge Fekaris, WFL2016 FallRoad OfficialsPPT
Innovations and Research on Work Zone SafetyDr. John Gambatese2016 SpringRoad OfficialsPDF
BPABrian Portwood2016 SpringSurveyorsPPTX
IRIS X and TrainingCaspher Lehner2016 SpringRoad OfficialsPPTX
Hydrgraphic SurveyingJon Dasler2016 SpringSurveyorsPDF
ODOT Fund ExchangeMac Lynde2016 SpringRoad OfficialsPPTX
BLM - Case StudyTravis Thomas2016 SpringSurveyorsPPTX
Federal Land Access ProgramGeorge Fekaris2016 SpringRoad OfficialsPPTX
Historic Columbia River HighwayKristen Stallman2016 SpringRoad Officials/SurveyorsPPTX
Roundabouts vs. Traffic SignalsKevin Haas2016 SpringRoad OfficialsPPT
Unmanned Aircraft SystemsRon Singh2016 SpringRoad Officials/SurveyorsPPT
Engineering AutomationRon Singh2016 SpringRoad Officials/SurveyorsPPT
BOLI Prevailing WageSusan Wooley2016 SpringRoad OfficialsPPT
Sister CommunitiesMark Labhart2015 FallRoad OfficialsPPT
FHWA UpdateSatvinder Sandhu2015 FallRoad OfficialsPPTX
Local Program UpdateCole Grisham2015 FallRoad OfficialsPPTX
MS4 PermitsLisa Cox2015 FallRoad OfficialsPDF
Curve Advisory Speed ToolsMike Kimlinger & Eric Leaming2015 FallRoad OfficialsPDF
County PlanningPeter Gustowsky2015 FallSurveyorsPDF
Original Development of The DallesDan Boldt2015 FallSurveyorsPDF
Original Development of The Dalles NotesDan Boldt2015 FallSurveyorsDOCX
Survey Review TimelinesMike Berry2015 FallSurveyorsPPTX
Clatsop County Corner ProjectsVance Swenson2015 FallSurveyorsPPTX
Oregon OSHAKevin Kilroy2015 SpringRoad OfficialsPPTX
STIP Enhance DiscussionMac Lynde2015 SpringRoad OfficialsPPTX
NEPA Cat Ex UpdateDarlene Weaver2015 SpringRoad OfficialsPPTX
Local Program UpdateCole Grisham2015 SpringRoad OfficialsPPTX
FLAP UpdateGeorge Fekaris2015 SpringRoad OfficialsPPTX
FHWA UpdateSatvinder Sandhu2015 SpringRoad OfficialsPPTX
Street Design (5 Things You Might Not Know)Dan Ervin2015 SpringRoad OfficialsPPTX
Pavement ResearchJohn Hickey2015 SpringRoad OfficialsPPT
Scrub SealsBob McCrea2015 SpringRoad OfficialsPPT
Local Bridge ProgramBruce Johnson2015 SpringRoad OfficialsPPTX
Natural Resources in DeschutesEd Keith2015 SpringJointPPTX
Researching Oregon HighwaysScott Morrison2015 SpringSurveyorsPPTX
Researching Oregon Highways (Handout)Scott Morrison2015 SpringSurveyorsDOCX
Surveying with Solar InstrumentsTim Kent2015 SpringSurveyorsPPTX
Surveying with Solar Instruments (Compass Diagrams)Tim Kent2015 SpringSurveyorsPDF
Dustan NeighborhoodMike Berry2015 SpringSurveyorsPPTX
The Dam Fiasco at Bull FlatMike Berry2014 SpringJointPDF
Oregon's Integrated Water StrategyAlyssa Mucken2014 SpringRoad OfficialsPPTX
Oregon's Fuel InfrastructureRick Wallace2014 SpringRoad OfficialsPPTX
Surplus Property and ProcurementKelly Stephens-Malnar & Darren Kennedy2014 SpringRoad OfficialsPPTX
Oregon FLAPGeorge Fekaris2014 SpringRoad OfficialsPPTX
What We Can Learn About Subduction Zone Resiliency from Chile and JapanAllison Pyrch2014 SpringRoad OfficialsPPTX
Tillamook County: Managing Sustainable Road ServicesLiane Welch2014 SpringRoad OfficialsPPT
Filling the Void of Leadership After a Natural DisasterGordan McCraw & Liane Welch2014 SpringRoad OfficialsPPT
Thinlay Asphalt for Pavement PreservationJim Huddleston2014 SpringRoad OfficialsPPT
Right of Entry InvestigationsOSBEELS2014 SpringSurveyorsPPTX
Today's Education of SurveyorsDan Gillins2014 SpringSurveyorsPDF
Rejection of the Rigorous Application (Part 1)Tim Moore2014 SpringSurveyorsPPTX
Rejection of the Rigorous Application (Part 2)Tim Moore2014 SpringSurveyorsPPT
Specialized Hauling VehiclesBert Hartman2014 FallRoad OfficialsPDF
Over the Shoulder Project OverviewDon Newell2014 FallRoad OfficialsPDF
Over the Shoulder WebsiteDon Newell2014 FallRoad OfficialsHTML
CIS Employment ClaimsKirk Mylander2014 FallRoad OfficialsPPTX
Enviroad Company OverviewTroy Tindall2014 FallRoad OfficialsPDF
Earth Bind in Columbia CountyTristan Wood2014 FallRoad OfficialsPDF
County Road 804Rob Bovett2014 FallRoad OfficialsPDF
County Road Manual UpdateDaniel Hauser2014 FallRoad OfficialsPPTX
Oregon's Earthquake and Tsunami ThreatLiane Welch2014 FallRoad OfficialsPPT
Approval Requirements for Condominium Declarations and PlatsMichael Hanifin2014 FallSurveyorsPPTX
Process and Procedures in Jackson County and City JurisdictionsScott Fein2014 FallSurveyorsPPTX
Free Land Just Add Water - A Discussion of the Carey ActJeremiah Fender & Lisa Lee2014 FallSurveyorsPDF
All Roads SafetyTroy Costales2013Road OfficialsPDF
Clackamas County Safety Action PlanJoe Marek2013Road OfficialsPDF
Traffic Safety Regional MPO PerspectiveJoe Marek & Josh Naramore2013Road OfficialsPDF
Road Pricing and Vehicle Mileage TaxJames Whitty2012Road OfficialsPDF
Resilient Oregon Bridge StudyBruce Johnson2012Road OfficialsPDF
ODF&W Upland Game Bird Program - Sage GrouseUnknown2012Road OfficialsPDF
Gripper System for Vegetated Terra WallsGreg Palmer & Rob Kool2012Road OfficialsPDF
Oregon Fish Passage Program ReviewKen Loffink2011Road OfficialsPDF
2009 MUTCD - Update on Oregon ImplementationKevin Haas2011Road OfficialsPDF
Road Safety Audits - GeneralJoel McCarroll2011Road OfficialsPDF
Biodisel Blends (B2 & B5) and WinterizationJason Barber & Clark Cooney2010Road OfficialsPPT
Biodisel Blends (B2 & B5) and Winterization (Handout)Jason Barber & Clark Cooney2010Road OfficialsPDF