It is time to start preparation for submitting your House Bill 2017 road and bridge condition information and public road inventory mileage to ODOT, reporting is due to ODOT by February 1, 2021, with the portal opening in December. 

Pavement and Bridge Condition Reporting

Keep Oregon Moving, also known as HB 2017, the transportation funding package passed by the legislature in 2017, requires all counties and cities to report on the condition of their roads (federal-aid mileage only) and bridges every two years. ODOT has to report this information online. Two years have flown by and it’s time to start preparing to report. Your report is due by Feb. 1, 2021 or ODOT is required to withhold State Highway Fund payments. In addition, counties and cities are required to report bridge conditions, whether or not the bridges are on federal-aid roads. Good news, ODOT inspects all bridges and maintains the data. You don’t have to worry about inspecting your bridges. Later this fall ODOT will send you a report that lists the bridges in your county and the condition of each bridge. You can use the ODOT report as a resource, and make any data corrections needed, as you fill in the online form

Public Road Inventory Reporting

Similar to the state required pavement condition reporting, each year ODOT is federally mandated to report the certified public road miles for all of Oregon’s roads. Unlike the pavement condition reporting, the public road inventory report requires counties to submit changes in mileage, surface type, and jurisdiction for all county-owned roads. This data is used to distribute federal funding allocations. The mandatory condition reporting process is an excellent time to reassess your total road mileage to make sure your system is accurately represented.

Resources available

For Pavement Condition Reporting

ODOT has provided easy to use tools to help gather the information needed. Use their guide, FAQ sheet, and resources to help gather information to determine the pavement condition for the federal-aid roads that you own. When the reporting forms become available later this fall you’ll be ready to enter the data.

For Public Road Inventory Reporting

The ODOT sends out paper instructions and maps to facilitate the data collection process. A copy of the instructions can be found HERE. Please Note: For your submission to be counted, ODOT needs identification information for any changes requested, i.e. beginning and ending mileposts and road numbers. This allows ODOT to coordinate the data across jurisdictions. 


  • Now: Get ready to report. Check out and determine your pavement conditions.
  • Later this fall: You’ll get instructions and a link to the federal-aid condition reporting form from ODOT.
  • Feb. 1, 2021: Reporting Deadline for Pavement and Bridge Condition. Visit the ODOT Transparency, Accountability and Performance website for more information on the mandatory pavement and bridge condition reporting.

Feb. 1, 2021: Reporting Deadline for Public Road Inventory. Visit the ODOT Road Inventory and Classification Services website for more information on the public road inventory reporting.