In the two months that have passed since H.R. 3684, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), was signed into law USDOT and ODOT have been a whirlwind of activity moving forward on implementation. ODOT is working with stakeholders, including AOC and OACES, to determine how best to invest the additional $1.2 billion in federal transportation formula funding coming to Oregon over the next five years.

See below for the latest information on ODOT’s Website for IIJA implementation and upcoming opportunities to weigh in with the Oregon Transportation Commission (OTC) on how additional flexible federal dollars should be spent.


IIJA Webinar Recordings

ODOT has held two IIJA webinars—one general webinar for the public and stakeholders and another webinar for local government officials. Both webinars maxed out their capacity, but video is available on ODOT’s IIJA webpage.

ODOT Frequently Asked Questions document available

ODOT has received a wide range of questions about the IIJA over the course of multiple webinars and discussions with stakeholders. A new FAQ document responds to the frequently asked questions based on information available to date.

OTC Meetings – Public Comments

The OTC will ultimately decide how to invest much of the new transportation money coming to Oregon from the IIJA. ODOT has been having conversations with advisory committees and the public to help shape plans for spending this money. Many stakeholders including counties have already weighed in, and the OTC is accepting letters and comments through its online public comment form. The OTC will also take public comment at its Jan. 20, Feb. 17 (special meeting on IIJA), March 10, and March 30 (special meeting on IIJA) meetings. More information on how to provide public comment at OTC are available HERE.


More IIJA Resources