The portal is now open for local governments to report on the condition of the federal-aid eligible roads and bridges within your jurisdiction. Per Section 11 of HB 2017, cities and counties are required to report on the condition of their infrastructure every two years, with the deadline fast approaching on February 1st, 2021

Pavement Condition

Similar to the first required report two years ago, an online portal form for reporting your data to ODOT will be available, with login information sent directly to your designated representative by ODOT Transparency. If you have not received your login information, please contact ODOT Transparency immediately.

For those using StreetSaver, it is highly recommended to use the Good/Fair/Poor PCI standard recommended by Capitol Assets and ODOT. The below diagram can be used to convert numerical reports into the Good/Fair/Poor methodology.

Recommended PCI standards: Good: 70-100; Fair: 50-69; Poor: 0-49.

Bridge Condition

Keep Oregon Moving requires counties and cities to report bridge conditions, whether or not the bridges are on federal-aid roads. Good news, ODOT inspects all bridges and maintains the data. You don’t have to worry about inspecting your bridges. In the Fall of 2020 ODOT will send you a report that lists the bridges in your county and the condition of each bridge. You can use the ODOT report as a resource, and make any data corrections needed, as you fill in the online form.

We encourage you to reach out to your city partners to remind them that the reporting deadline is approaching, and coordinate on which roads to report or any other shared reporting issues. Both cities and counties are required to report even if they don’t maintain any federal-aid eligible roads, but need only report on roads they own and manage–county maintained roads within city limits should be reported by the county.

See the ODOT Transparency website for more information, or contact Brian Worley or Jocelyn Blake