In response to the Governor’s Executive Order 20-04, the Oregon Department of Transportation in partnership with the Oregon Department of Energy held the first meeting of the Transportation Electrification Infrastructure Needs Analysis (TEINA) Advisory Group on November 17th. The advisory group is tasked to oversee the analysis, which aims to:

  • Highlight charging infrastructure needs for light-duty zero-emission vehicles 
  • Provide a near-term and long-term high-level overview of the charging infrastructure needs for other vehicle classes and use types, ranging from medium and heavy-duty trucks and buses to e-bikes and e-scooters
  • Offer a vision of the charging infrastructure needed to meet Oregon’s transportation electrification (TE) goals over the next 15 years. 
  • Include an assessment of the unique needs for charging infrastructure to support transportation electrification in all parts of the state. 
  • Propose policy options and identify ways to expand charging infrastructure in Oregon to accelerate statewide transportation electrification.  
  • Position Oregon to develop an overall ZEV charging infrastructure strategy that can inform development of EV charging infrastructure in Oregon and support the state in meeting its transportation electrification and greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals. 

Judge Elizabeth Farrar, Gilliam County, was appointed to represent the county perspective on the advisory group, and provide insight into the unique needs of the rural Oregon transportation system. 

For more information, see the Transportation Electrification Needs Analysis website