This is a friendly reminder that it’s almost time again to report infrastructure conditions and mileage to ODOT by February 1, 2023.

Start preparing now for upcoming reports to ODOT. All counties and cities in Oregon must submit road and bridge condition information, as required by House Bill 2017 (2017), and public road inventory mileage to ODOT. 

Pavement and Bridge Condition Reporting

Keep Oregon Moving, also known as HB 2017, the transportation funding package passed by the Oregon Legislature in 2017, requires all Oregon counties and cities to report the condition of their roads and bridges every two years. Your report is due to ODOT by February 1, 2023, or ODOT is statutorily required to withhold your State Highway Fund payments. You will need to gather information about the condition of your paved, federal-aid roads. Information on which roads to report is available on ODOT’s website. You don’t have to inspect your bridges because ODOT inspects all bridges and maintains the data, but you do need to add that data to the form. Visit ODOT’s website for a report that lists the bridges in your county and the condition of each bridge. The form to submit your data to ODOT will be available in early December 2022.

Public Road Inventory Reporting

Each year, ODOT is federally mandated to report the certified public road miles for Oregon’s entire road network. This report includes mileage by surface type and jurisdiction rather than pavement condition. The public road inventory report requires counties and cities to submit changes in mileage, surface type, and jurisdiction for all roads they own. This data is used to determine federal funding allocations. Instructions will be available on ODOT’s Certified Public Road Mileage website after November 15, 2022.

Click here to read more details on the reporting requirements and to access ODOT resources.