With SRS County election allocations for the 2022 Fiscal Year submittal required to occur by September 30, 2022, AOC and AOCC have prepared the following information for county commissioners. 

Both the Forest Service eligible Counties and O&C Counties will make one election allocation. There is no separate process for Forest Service Counties and BLM O&C Counties for SRS FY 2022 payments. 

The following documents will help county commissioners submit their SRS allocation election. “FY 2022 Forest Service Payment to States, Public Law 117-58, page 3 and 4 must be filled out by the board of commissioners or an appointed representative. Counties are listed under column B, allocation for Title 1 (column C), Title II (column D), Title III (column E), and Return to Treasury (column F). The total for all four boxes must equal 100%. “Oregon Expired Election and Earnings” for FY 2021 shows last year’s SRS election allocation.

The amount of funding a county receives from SRS changes the percentage of SRS funds that can be allocated between different titles. Funding Distributions are split in three categories:

  • Minor Distributions – Less than $100,000
  • Modest Distributions – Between $100,000 and $350,000
  • Major Distributions – More than $350,000

Allocations between Titles I, II, and III have maximum and minimum allowable percentages. Those percentages are different for minor, modest, and major distributions. Allocation must fall within the ranges displayed in Table 1

Table 1 Allocation Ranges for Each Title and Distribution 

Minor Modest Major
Title I 80% – 100% 80% – 85% 80% – 85%
Title II 0% – 20% 15% – 20% 13% – 20%
Title III 0% – 20% 15% – 20% 0% – 7%


AOC and AOCC are requesting that county commissioners send their allocation elections to Branden Pursinger (bpursinger@oregoncounties.org) at AOC and to Rocky McVay (rocky@blupac.com) at AOCC. AOC is working to compile the master list of all county allocations for delivery to the Department of Administrative Services to submit to the Forest Service at their Albuquerque Service Center. 

The allocation forms are due to the Forest Service by the state no later than September 30, 2022. We are asking all counties to have their forms submitted to AOC and AOCC by Monday, September 19. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions and thank you for your attention to this time sensitive matter.

Rocky McVay 541-661-0995 

Branden Pursinger 503-320-3579